Nurses “Learn Through Personal Genomes” at the 2018 ISONG World Congress Test2Learn™ program

In this interactive session held in Orlando, Florida in 2018, attendees engaged with personal genomic information through an optional direct-to-consumer genome testing experience, gaining contemporary insights into clinically useful applications and limitations of genomic risk testing. Learners were be exposed to an interdisciplinary panel of speakers who will present both clinical and educational approaches that foster a richer understanding of genomics through experiential learning.

This session briefly reviewed the history, context, and legal/regulatory factors of direct-to-consumer personal genome risk testing; used personal/sample results and an innovative web application; learners experienced genomic testing through a guided tour of selected pharmacogenomic, disease, and ancestry results and their interpretation. Speakers taught the strengths and limitations of various genomic testing platforms — focusing on clinical utility and paralleled this activity with other experiential learning approaches for fostering genomics education and competency for health care providers/students.